Fabric De-Stash 

There is no denying the volume of my fabric stash and whilst everyone’s fabric stash is relative and I am sure mine is a lot smaller than most I still started this year with the goal of reducing it. Not because I felt having wads of beautiful fabric hanging around was bad but because to me my stash was a list of unfinished projects and ideas that I wanted to bring to life. So here’s me checking in to tell you how it’s going and what I’m making. 

Quilts, I have a hard time cutting up beautiful pieces of fabric so I turn them into simple quilts, I sandwich two sides together with batting In-between, have some fun free hand stitching rows of quilting and finish with a bias edge and voila, a beautiful piece of fabric turned into something useful. So far I’ve maw one for us and one for our nephew. 


I have just cut out some fabric to make tea towels and aprons for the kitchen from some retro fabric I used a long time ago to curtain the kitchen. And I am also working on some embroidered food covers. 

Admittedly I’m  a little gathered skirt crazy. Basic drindl’s are my go to easy to sew and embellish Instant satisfaction favourite. These are my favourite to wear in my down time as they look simple and chic. I usually throw them over swimmers and team with a large hat to form my not at work uniform. 

What is your favourite thing to make? Are you de-stashing as well? Share what you are up to in the comments section below. 

Thanks for reading Nadia B. Xx


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