Little Things to Celebrate

front deck rennovations

I really enjoy the little things. Sunny afternoons on the lawn, beach days and when a recipe turns out just right. 

My life currently is filled with all of these lovely little things and I think it’s nice to step back and celebrate them on occasion. 

This is my list of recent ‘little thing’ achievements that I’m proud to celebrate. What are yours? 

  • We’ve had the most heavenly weather lately filled with beach days, snorkelling and fishing
  • I’ve been cooking a lot lately. Marmalade, tomato relish, granola and Asian fish are the current stars 
  • I’ve also been implementing new ingredients into the kitchen on a regular basis, lots of seeds and grains that I don’t usually use are being brought to life in several new favourite ways.
  • Our house is coming along, the skirting board is done and we have cleaned up and organised a lot (a never ending job) and the front of the house has started getting its make over, lots of landscaping and an ever growing cactus and succulent collection that is so exciting to observe as each day brings a new bud, flower or spike
  • I have a veggie patch that is still alive and doing okay. I have radishes and carrots coming up from seeds among lots of herbs. 
  • I’ve been reading like crazy and journaling 
  • I’m teaching myself to knit 
  • And we are all happy and healthy
Seymour helps with the landscaping





A midday nap
A sea hare spotted in the Arrawarra rockpools

So for us right now life is good. Because of the little things, make the most of yours. Nadia B. Xx



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