2016 is here. I’m not much of a resolution person as I think when we set resolutions we set ourselves up for failure as realistically nothing changes overnight. I do however spend the end of any year reflecting on the previous year and setting goals for the year ahead.

2015 for us for the most part was the year of weddings. We saw several friends get married as well as getting hitched ourselves which was followed by an amazing honeymoon on Daydream Island. It’s crazy how time flies and we are looking forward to celebrating our first wedding anniversary.

We did a lot of renovating on our home and spent a lot of time reducing what we have to what we really need and love.

We developed new good habits, staying organised, watching what we eat and trying to exercise more. Also I think I’ve done pretty good at trying not to sweat the small stuff. Cutting out a lot of caffeine and keeping myself organised kept my stress and anxiety levels to an all time low.

We had loved ones pass and babies were conceived and born.

We spent as much time as possible doing what makes us happy, going to the beach, skateboarding, road trips and I’ve grown my culinary skills. Time with friends but mostly time at home together with our fur family. Added to our family this year was a beautiful ranch wagon which has just been amazing! Our other vehicles got a little love and work too.

And I started this blog! Which was something I had always wanted to do and had slightly dabbled with in the past but never truly commited to. I have very high and slightly more realistic goals for this blog in 2016.

So what does 2016 have in store for he wattle and bee family?

Holidays, we intend to get overseas this year as well as do a few road trips. we spent some time new years afternoon in the backyard having a drink filling a giant year planner with things to look forward too. So far I have a girls trip to sydney, Mr B has a big motorcycle adventure ahead of him and we have organised a family holiday to North Queensland.

Finish or do as much as possible to our home. The laundry, toilet and bathroom are next as well as outside. As well as all the fiddly bits this weekend I need to start puttying and painting our skirting board.

Be very financially responsible,we have the goal of purchasing an investment property as well as the want of our own coffee shop/shop one day and we are at a point now where we can start saving and planning for these things. As well as smashing out as much of our small current mortgage as possible so that we can breathe easy. Also to spend the money we do spend more wisely/in a less impactive way which leads me to our main goal we want to live simply and sustainably.

Living sustainably is something that is coming more an dome into focus these days and whilst it is something I whole heartily support we have never fully put into action to the best of our ability. Our goal is to create less waste and also consume less.

Where we want to start,

  • Cleaning products, from chemical to natural solutions. I have swapped out so far our dishwashing and laundry liquid to an earth friendly brand with recyclable packaging. This includes cleaning cloths,  I have for some time used cleaning cloths that can be thrown in the wash.
  • Recycling! I’m pretty lazy when it comes to seperating my trash and  this has to stop. I have solved this by having 2 bins under our sink to be taken out individually 1 for trash and one for recyclables also using our veggie scraps for compost which leads me to…
  • Compost! We are planning to build a compost in our backyard this for all our scraps/ lawn clippings.
  • Growing more of what we eat (using our compost to do so) and buying sustainable and locally sourced food. The grocery store is a big trap for junk food and wasteful packaging. We have always strived  to eat well which already means that I mostly shop at our local butcher/ baker/ fishmonger/ fruit and veg stand and I always take my own reusable bags. What I became conscious of yesterday was our reaction to over bag everything, I had a handful of peaches and I went to put them in one of those tiny plastic bags on the roll near the fruit realising I didn’t know why I was doing this just out of habit when quite frankly they would be fine loose in my bag until they got home and were stored loose on the bench or in the fridge anyway
  • Buying only what we need. We are all guilty of it the odd impulse purchase that you immediately get buyers remorse from that then sits in your cupboard unused. And when we do buy will it be a forever investment? Is it sustainable? Can you buy recycled? Is it responsibly sourced and made in ethical work conditions?
  • Repurpose, this is something I have always tried to do but now it’s time to kick it up a notch, before getting rid of something can it be used in adifferent way?
  • Enjoy the simple things, we love nothing more than pottering around our house or a sunny day together.

And I want to continue to share my adventures with you reader! What are your plans for 2016? Do you have any thought in living sustainably? Any tips? Please share I’ll leave you with some of my favourite photo’s from 2015,  Thanks for reading, Nadia B xx.

IMG_1136 1




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