Aussie Rumballs

Isn’t it funny how you grow up with certain things and that’s the only way you can imagine them? 

For me two things stand out, the beef stroganoff I make that is my grandmothers recipe which Is a rich red and I swear created by the devil it’s that good (I never knew most stroganoffs were pale and creamy) and, again the recipe learnt from my grandma for Rumballs. 

I’ve had other Rumballs as an adult and none quite seem to cut it for my taste buds. You see the base for the Rumballs I make is Wheet-Bix, that’s right the Aussie kids breakfast cereal with the slogan “how many do you do?” 

I make several batches of these every Christmas to eat and to jar up and gift. for me Christmas isn’t right without them. 

They are super simple and super satisfying! 

So here’s the recipe 


10 wheat-bix 

I can of condensed milk 

2/3rds of a cup of cocoa 

Sultanas, I use about 180g roughly

Your preferred rum. We like Sailor Jerry rum. You can omit this though if you like.

Dessicated coconut

If you are using rum put your sultanas in a bowl with a splash of rum and let them soak, how long for is up to you I’ve done a week, overnight or an hour before you will get varying results each tasty. 

In a food processor or by hand crush up those wheat filled delicious biscuits. 

Add to the crushed bix the cocoa, condensed milk and sultanas. 

And then refrigerate until the mix is workable (I had a sneaky nap but it generally doesn’t take that long). Roll your mix into bite sized balls and roll in desiccated coconut and refrigerate. They also freeze well. 


And that’s it! Enjoy! You don’t have to go exact with the measurements it’s a good base recipe to work with if you want to omit the sultanas altogether or add less cocoa or rum you can.  Is this anyone else’s family recipe? I feel like this would have been a Christmas special wheat bix magazine add that was perhaps spotted in a women’s weekly years ago, I must find out. I’ll report back when I ask Grandma. 

Happy festivus baking. Nadia B xx


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