I’m Baaack!

It’s been a while since I posted last. End of year craziness and a few other things have gotten in the way. Life right now is good we are in a lovely state of before christmas organised mellowness so I thought I would share what we have been up to in the Wattle and Bee cottage.

Renovations, A few weeks ago I took some time off. Lights, fans and dimmers went in through most of the house. We finaly have skirting board and whilst it is still in need of some putty and paint it’s in! Thanks to our friends with skills who really are my every day heroes! I started to tile the splash back in the kitchen and jackhammered up the floor tiles in the laundry and toilet. We’ve bought a garden shed so once we assemble that Mr B’s shed will be a little less chaotic and it will give him room to spread out and practice the panel beating which he’s been learning in his spare time. Our christmas tree is up which means for now I am halting the renovations until the new year.


Eating, we’ve cooked and eaten some amazing meals lately some of which were on a mini break we took to head down to Salt for a few nights away. We’ve also been paying attention more to our portion control and what we eat replacing a lot of meat with seafood and have both lost a few un needed kilo’s. I’ve made a lot of edible gifts for Christmas this year of jam and shortbread which got posted to our loved ones.





Making, I’ve been able to craft more lately for pleasure as well as having handmade a few christmas gifts. I’ve also been making like crazy for the launch of the Wattle and Bee label the website should hopefully launch early next year.



Living, Mr B and I have made the most of any quality time we get. Nice summer days and our big back yard has lead to loads of hanging around with the dogs and guinea,  meals shared with friends and happy times.




And that’s us, we’ve been enjoying the little things like a fresh mowed lawn, beautiful summer produce and family time. What have you been up to? Are you prepared for Christmas? I’ll be sharing a few tutorials and recipes over the next few weeks from my Christmas preparations! Look out first for my super Aussie Rumballs! 

Thanks for reading, Nadia B. Xx


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