The Importance of Down Time / My Week in Photo’s 5

I don’t know if it’s the time of year and the change of season but I feel absolutely fried.

It has been a big year for us. Several house renovations that are still continuing. Several weddings including our own that was completely DIY. Starting this blog and finishing a few car and bike builds and selling and obtaining others vehicles. As Christmas looms all I can think about is napping to give my over filled brain a rest. Surely I am not the only one to feel this way. Surely others feel a little ‘fried’ by now?

I can only blame myself, I know that I don’t stop and need to take time out more often. But it seems if I did nothing would get done. Luckily enough last weekend was the perfect excuse to get out of the house. Asphalt Demons invitational show. This show is in it’s 5th year now and I have been lucky enough to attend the past two. Whilst I had a hard time mustering up the energy and excitement needed, once we left the house and I had nothing to do but enjoy the 2 hour drive north in our ranch wagon it was bliss. Our car club the ‘Convicts’ represented in force and we gave our first trophy this year the “convicts pick” being invited by our hosts The Baron’s and the Asphalt Demons to do so.






Asphalts held at the Archer falls Airfield is an event held for like minded people with a love of getting their old and shitty (and not so shitty) cars dirty. A place to catch up with friends from all over and make new ones. The straight track is manned by the hosts themselves with a mud pitt off to the side to sling a few skids in. The day is then finished off by a band and a few awards. After a great day/night we slept in the back of our wagon which we deck out in our swag, blankets and pillows to create a cosy little nest. The next morning you wake at sunrise to thick fog everywhere assemble everything again with heavy heads and head home.


And the count down to next year begins. I have been taking things a little easier since, a contributing factor of this has also been the fact that Mr B now has a different job as of last week that allows for better work hours so he can be at home more. Things are progressing nicely here and the sun is shining. As I write this with a cup of tea and the smelly hound dogs at my side with a fairly clean and organised house (well as much as  you can be renovating) my brain is feeling a little less fried. What’s your favourite way to recharge? Roadtripping is definitely one of mine.

IMG_1139 1


*please note while all other photo’s here are mine these last two are not. Thankyou to those who took them, I finally have real life evidence driving the wagon and Asphalts is never complete without a tilt tray photo. Till next time, Nadia B. xx


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