Our Ugly Little Duckling Cottage

I have spoken a lot here in my weekly updates and featured a lot of images on my Instagram (search WATTLE_AND_BEE) about our humble little home renovations and today I thought I would give you an insight into how it all started.

We had been house hunting for our first home for quite some time and everything just fell short, we didn’t need much, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom on a decent sized flat block with a shed. We didn’t feel like we were asking much, the agents would scowl when I didn’t agree that a kitchen didn’t, thats right, DIDN’T need a pantry. And no one seemed to build sheds with the thought that you actually needed to access it.

On the day we found our home I had locked my keys in the car, our real-estate agent had pretty much hijacked us and taken us to see every other house on her list bar the one that we wanted to see (the one we eventually bought). It was draining and exhausting. But before we knew it it was 8pm that night and we both felt overwhelmed as we had just signed a contract because the seller had accepted our offer.

Scary huh!

A month later after a lot of stress and anxiety, pest inspections and finance going through we settled. The ugly little ducking was ours.


And I mean UGLY.

The last owners had “renovated” but due to I believe a lack planning, forethought and style and inconsistency most things were half assed, or just plain wrong. And blue, the WHOLE house was blue with a pink kitchen (the kitchen colour was kind of cute) but it had the basics, three bedrooms, a bathroom and a shed on a flat block. Given that most of the previous owners attempts at renovating fell short it was all very easy to change or rip out.


The fact that most buyers don’t look past these purely aesthetic things meant that we bought the house well within our price range. Not spending our maximum budget has allowed us to have a lot of freedom not being tied down to an expensive mortgage and left us with the spare cash to renovate, We have also been on a few fab trips this year and got hitched so we haven’t felt limited in any way. And at the end of the it’s ours. It’s our home that we love to come home too, where we will build our family and where we have had innumerable events and bbq’s. It’s where we feel comfortable and safe. 


So look in awe at what was our ugly little duckling. I will continue this series of posts with how and when we have renovated each space, any home buying/ renovating questions? Ask away, I love hearing/ seeing what other people are up to!

Happy oogling, Nadia. xx





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