Get to Know Your Sewing Machine


Last week we talked about the things you need to start sewing. This week is going to be all about getting to know your sewing machine. All sewing machines essentially have the same way of doing things. A top thread moves down to join a bottom thread woven together to create a stitch. Each machine can vary in their threading methods. I mentioned in my previous post that I sewed on a 1959 singer gifted to me by my husband when we were first dating. Being second hand It did not come with a manual nor instructions of any kind. After a bit of research (mainly blessed google) I was able to find and download the complete instructions to my singer and all the information on it by typing in the model number stencilled on the side of my machine.



If you have bought a new sewing machine yours will come with instructions read them. You only need to know to start a few things;

*Figure out how to fill your bobbin with thread and insert it into your machine.

*Practice the order in which you should thread the top thread on your machine.

Figure out how you go forwards and back and zigzag if you have it and learn how to change your stitch length.

Essentially three things is all you need to learn, sure these things involve a few steps but essentially three things, top thread, Bobbin thread and stitches. Before you know it you will be ready to sew. These are the absolute basics that you need to know, are you surprised? Get yourself some scrap fabric and practice stitching backwards and forwards and your zig zag stitch if you have it.  Loosely guide your fabric under the needle with the presser foot down let the feed dog do the work, you are just a guide.





How did you go? Is there anything I can help with? Anything you don’t quite understand about your machine or the process as a whole? Ask away in the comments and I’ll help in any way I can.

Happy practising, Nadia. xx

Here is the link to there manual for my 99k singer sewing machine


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