Jam makin’ Round 2


This week I decided to tackle the jam recipe that I featured here again. Last time my jam was a little too runny and I was hesitant about the amount of sugar in it, being equal parts of both fruit and sugar. My first batch was still delicious though so I felt that it was something definitely worth another attempt.

This time I halved the sugar amount so that my quantities were,

1kg of sugar

500g white sugar

juice of half a lemon


I actually left the sugar and cut up fruit to soak overnight this time as I decided to make it in the morning rather than stay up.

I used the same method as before adding the lemon and placing it over the heat to cook, I had realised last time that I had not let it cook enough. This batch was on my stovetop for an hour and I reckon I probably could have left it for even longer. It had thickened considerably and I did not bother scooping off the pale pink foam this time as it dissipates itself as the jam cools. The jam also thickened considerably as it cooled. I popped it once cool into sterilised jars and sealed them. It was consumed that day on scones at an afternoon tea for a friends passing.


I’m happy with the results from this batch, I will continue to tweak cooking times/ sugar amounts though and try other fruits. Again I will update when this happens.

Again if you have any tips on jam making for me please share in the comments. Thanks in advance, Nadia xx.


4 thoughts on “Jam makin’ Round 2

  1. Rhea says:

    I can absolutely testify this was the best Jam i have EVER had. I had to make some more scones the next day so mum and Em and i could finish the second jar off! So good x


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