My Week in Photo’s, Week 3


This week started out with a lot of work. We are a little understaffed at the moment where I earn my crust so we all chip in and cover shifts where we can. Unfortunatly it does mean missing out on time with my family, so there was no family adventures for us this week.

I did however come home Saturday to find that Mr B had been working away in the shed to weld a plant stand to add to my collection.


I Shared my Pavlova recipe with you all and blogged about what I think the very basic supplies of sewing are.



I was able to spend a little more time working on the styling of our cottage this week with the addition of a new plant and finally framing and hanging my Frida Khalo portrait by Studio Cockatoo. I de cluttered some draws and culled my wardrobe. New curtains were purchased and hung in our room and we have some replica Acapulco chairs for out on our front porch.



I was gifted some beautiful tomatoes from a friend.IMG_0921

This week we also said goodbye to a friend. Mary Ann had battled cancer for just under two years and this week she finally succumbed to her illness. It is heartbreaking and unfair. Her family is saying goodbye to her today out on their picturesque farm and we will be joining them afterwards to celebrate.

We also said hello again to an old friend Pickle. He has been Seymours favourite toy since he was gifted to him by a friend. Our house flooded at the beginning of the year and Pickle was lost in the flood waters, only to be found this week wedged under a piece of ply wood along our back fence. He is a little worse for wear but we are so happy to have him home.


This weeks focus has been on relationships with each other our friends and family. At the heart of which I always think there should be a steady supply of good food and this week has definitely been a week of eating. Meal times are the times when we get together and reflect on our day, our loss and our triumphs. if nothing else a girls got to eat so why not share that with the ones you love.

Nadia. xx



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